Dresser Inc. Safety Valve Reviews

Dresser hold certifications from different recognized regulating body. Such certifications give them the authority to supply safety valve that are of high quality.

Dresser Consolidated has been producing revolutionary safety valve and safety relief valve since 1852. One of the reasons for their longevity is that the products they have been manufacturing are of the highest quality. Another is that they have established themselves as a leader in innovation. They have broken new ground for special alloys and they are the first to bring in valves for nuclear power sector. Indeed, Dress Inc. has been one of the key players in the business as it has already developed long lasting relationship with chief petrochemical and power enterprises. It has assisted in the advancement of both their clients and the industry’s operations.

safety valve review

The company has definitely a global presence, as its operation reaches almost all the continents. It stayed strong amidst the challenges that it has encountered through time and has catered the ever changing needs of the market. Experience, expertise and innovation have made the company a number one trusted valve manufacturer. Because of their tenure, they have learned not just the tricks of the trade, but the many different special needs of their clients. They have the technology needed in order to provide dependable solutions.

Dresser has not been only offering valve products, but technical expertise as well. It is quite a big help to clients who are not that knowledgeable on such matters. The company aids in finding the appropriate solution to the customer’s needs from the selection of valves down to how to maintain a safety valve. They launched Green Tag Center in 1982 and since then, it has now 75 centers throughout the globe that caters to clients’ needs. The company knows that everyone needs to protect their safety at all times this is why the centers operate 24 hours in a day. All their customers can guarantee that their devices will be in good condition all the time with the support made available day and night.

The staffs stationed in the Green Tag centers are experts on the subject at hand. You can rest assured that they are in command of the task as they are factory-trained and certified. Dresser Inc has required them to undergo not just rigorous classroom but practical trainings and examinations as well. The company has strict policies in auditing each center each year in order to ensure that it complies with the high technical and service standards set.

Dresser has been providing innovative tools that lend clients a hand in their selection of the appropriate valves. They offer electronic testers and software that encompass valve sizing, management and maintenance. In addition, they hold certifications from different recognized regulating body such as ASME or American Society of Mechanical Engineers and National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. Such certifications give them the authority to supply safety valve that are of high quality. They maintain a wide stock of valves including some of it parts so that it can cater to the daily needs of the customers. Dresser Inc is indeed one manufacturer that you can count on.