2 Types Of Shower Valve

There are two types of shower valve: the pressure balancing valve and the thermostatic valves. These two shower valves are currently the accepted shower control system being used for any residential and commercial use.

Shower is very essential part of every bathroom Shower valves 101. A shower has different parts, most important of which is the Shower valve. There are two types of shower valve: the Pressure balancing valve and the Thermostatic valves. These two shower valves are currently the accepted shower control system being used for any residential and commercial use. However, depending on your preferences, these two have their own characteristics that can satisfy different needs of homeowners and users.

Pressure balancing valve

pressure balancing shower valve

The pressure balancing valve involves a control and a handle. Although pressure balancing valve have different design, the most common is the design that requires lifting the handle to turn the water on. Turning the handle on the left will cause the water to become warmer; the further you turn it, the warmer the water will get. Turning the handle to the right will cause the water to turn cold; the further it is turned, the colder it will get. Pulling the handle down will shut it off. Users can control the temperature of the water by turning it from left to right or vice-versa.

The Pressure balancing valve works simpler than it seems. A usual problem of shower valves is the sudden change of temperature created when pressure of water changes (e.g. when a toilet is flashed, or someone from another part of the house suddenly uses water which spreads the supply of water making pressure drop), which normally affects the amount of hot or cold water being supplied to the shower. If this happens, water being disposed by the shower will suddenly drop or raise its temperature. This is typically harmful for elders and children since they are both susceptible to shock that will cause them to skid or their skin might be burned by a raise in water temperature.

Through the use of pressure balancing valve, once the system detect a change in the supply of hot or cold water, the change will affect the pressure within the valve making it swing to the direction that will correct the temperature. This system will maintain the temperature initially set by the user.

Most of the Pressure balancing valve also includes shower tub valve that works to divert the water from the shower head going to the tub. This valve is so easy and simple to use. This is highly recommended to be used in the bathroom being used by children and elders.

Thermostatic valves

thermostatic shower valve

The thermostatic shower system consists of a thermostatic valve and volume control. The valve works to maintain the temperature of the water, while the control turns the water on and off (for the hot and cold water outlet). Through the use of the thermostatic valve, the user can control the temperature by setting the desired hotness or coldness prior to turning on the water. This includes a temperature dial that is used in setting the temperature according to what the owner desires. This type of shower is ideal for bathrooms being shared by individuals who prefer different temperature of water when taking a shower.