Butterfly Valve Review

Manufacturers and companies alike make it a point to provide a simple appearance and design of a butterfly valve, so as not to surprise the customers or users with a complex appearance.

A butterfly valve, in its simplest sense, open, closes, or controls the flow. It is a mechanical device used to regulate and isolate the flow of certain substances. It acts as a passageway for the entrance or exit of either water, air, or other chemicals. Their design features a disk mounted on a rod (you can know more about this at parts of a butterfly valve article). When closed, this disk blocks off the passageway in which it is mounted, which happens when the valve is turned by a quarter. When it is rotated by another quarter turn, unrestricted flow or passage then occurs. Opening or closing the valve is achieved by a number of turns; hence they are derived from a family of quarter turn valves. This simple design and consistent characteristics are what make this valve a popular one.

butterfly valve review

These valves appear in everyday use, most notably in a carburetor of a car. This valve is responsible for the flow of air in the carburetor. This is controlled by the car’s gas pedal which allows the entry or exit of air. When the pedal is stepped on hard enough, this allows unblocked passage of air and thus, would send the car moving fast. The simplicity of this valve is responsible for its very extensive and continuous use. Different companies are experimenting on the technology of these valves to further improve their performance. Here is a review of what most companies are trying to sell; note that these features are found in almost all valves of this kind.

butterfly valve 1

butterfly valve 2

butterfly valve 3