How To Maintain A Shut Off Valve

In maintaining a shut off valve it is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions that usually come with the manual when the stop valve was bought.

A shut off valve usually undergoes a lot of stress from the rigors of everyday use. The materials that flow to it usually damage the safety valve because most of these products are corrosive in nature. An example is water which naturally has a corrosive property. These stop valves really have a limited life and would have to be replaced when the time comes but this does not mean that its life could not be prolonged. Prolonging the life of these safety valves could be done through proper maintenance and maintaining these valves depend on the type, the material and the brand. Because these valves are made by different manufacturers, there are different steps to be followed in maintaining these valves.

shut off valve maintenance

In maintaining a shut off valve it is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions that usually come with the manual when the stop valve was bought. Following these steps could prolong the life of your safety valve and could save you the costs and the hassle of having one replaced often. Besides the steps included in the manual, there are general steps that could be followed in maintaining your safety valves especially at home. In maintaining a safety valve, the first step is to do regular checks to see how much wear and tear does the valve already has.

In doing a regular check there are certain things to be followed. First make sure that it is still working properly by seeing if it still does it job by stopping the flow of water, for example. Start with a weak flow then gently increase the water pressure while the valve is shut down to see it the valve is still working fine. However be careful in increasing the pressure for it might result to backfire and would damage your pipelines. Regular checks as such should be regularly done such as every six months. Checking these valves should also be done during certain situations such as when there is excess water from heavy rains or floods. In doing this, you could be sure that there wouldn’t be any excess water that could damage your pipelines.

Also in checking your shut off valve a user should be able to clean it as well. Remove any of the excess dirt and grime buildup that could affect the performance of the valve. Also check if the valve has any worn out parts such as the ball that prevents the flow of material in the valve. In any case that the material has a defect, it is best to check from the manufacturer for replacement parts. In the case that there are no parts available from the manufacturer, you could also check 2 basic parts of a shut off valve. Also another important thing is that, if you think you are not capable enough to replace those valves, it is best to call for professional help to do the job. This may cost you more but it will definitely save you the hassle of replacing a safety valve. Because safety valves are important parts of any home plumbing system, it is best to have these maintained.