A Review Of Anti-Scald Shower Valve

Through the use of the anti-scald valve, water coming out of the shower head is the desired water temperature comfortable to the user.

Only few people realize how dangerous a shower can be for older people, mentally challenge individuals and children. If they are left unattended during shower time, shock due to the upsurge of too hot or too cold water can cause unthinkable accidents. Since the bathroom floors are usually slippery, this shock can be the cause for them to slip hitting their head on bathroom floors or walls or landing on their back that can cause problems to their spinal column. These scenarios can be very harmful, even for adults. Incidentally, younger children have a very sensitive skin that can easily get burned when touched by a hot water.

anti scald shower valve review

One way of protecting your family from these accidents and preventing untoward events from happening is by using an anti-scald shower valves for your shower. By using this, you can totally eliminate the chances of temperature shifts. The anti-scald shower valves can be used either for the pressure balancing system or thermostatic system. This is proven safe to use as this valve removes the possibility of disposing too hot or too cold water coming out of the sprout. So when trying to purchase a shower system for your bathroom <url=what are the type of shower valves.What are the Type of Shower valves, you should make sure that your shower system is using an anti-scald valve.

Through the use of the anti-scald valve, water coming out of the shower head is the desired water temperature comfortable to the user. Even if the pressure of the water changes, altering the amount of hot or cold water being supplied, you are assured that the valve will maintain the proper temperature set by the user. Fixing the thermostat at 120 degrees, the shower will dispose a very desirable and comfortable temperature level.

In most cases, when more than one outlet of water in a house is being used, water pressure changes. A toilet flash, dishwasher use, washing clothes and other water usage in the house will affect the water pressure. A drop in water pressure can normally result in water temperature change. Although having too cold water being disposed from the shower head can be tolerable, however irritating, a sudden splurge of very hot water can harm people. If someone flashes the toilet, the water that will come out from the shower head will become warmer; if someone uses the hot water supply somewhere else in the house, the water will come out very cold. So, ensuring that the temperature of the water coming out of the shower head is maintained at the comfortable level should be prioritized.

Additional safety tip if your constant problem with your water supply is pressure is to use the pressure balancing system for your shower needs. The valve being used for this system is designed to maintain water temperature. By using this, any water pressure change will not affect the temperature of the water that comes out of the shower head. Normally, what was initially setup of the user as their desired level of temperature is being maintained even if there is a change in water force or pressure.