Selection Guide Of A Rotary Valve

To be able to select your desired rotary valve, one must look into the following points to further evaluate your suppliers and choose which is the best.

A rotary valve is used for the transfer of fine free flowing powder or granules from one chamber to the other. The control valve should be precision machined and used in fully closed condition. Any leakage will cost problems in the material transfer. You should select the appropriate valve needed for your process. One valve that is designed for a particular process should not be used for another. It is very important to coordinate well with the suppliers to be able to choose which one is suitable for your needs.

rotary valve selection guide

To be able to select your desired rotary valve, one must look into the following points to further evaluate your suppliers and choose which is the best:

1. The manufacturer should be able to properly size your process and know the handling systems that should be used in your operations. It is a big advantage for the manufacturer if they have a test lab wherein they can actually study the materials being used in your process. Based on their testing they can recommend the right design for your process. They can know the characteristics of your materials used in your operations so they will know how the process will behave.

2. Good design engineering will create good parts for the valve. The current technology in making parts can now create different parts with precision and durability. These characteristics are needed for the parts in your system. Refer to parts of a rotary valve.

3. Check the quality of raw materials used in the component of the valve. If they should be made of cast iron, make sure that the supplier’s casting process is modern and capable of giving high quality parts. This will give longer life for your parts and reducing your costs in buying several spare parts.

4. All processes and materials used by your supplier should be within current manufacturing standards to be able to get the best valve for your operations.

5. Make sure you get precision bearings and shaft seals. These will guarantee long life to your control valve and good performance for the whole system.

6. How good is the support of your supplier? How soon they can give you answers for your questions in case you encounter some trouble. How soon can they come in case you need them to visit and check the equipment. If it will take several days before you get answers from them then choose another supplier.

The important thing to consider is to make sure that the rotary valve that you buy is the one that you really need for your operations. Always consider the type of material you are using especially if you are processing food materials. You must make sure that there will be no source of contamination to avoid bigger problems. Your system operates in vacuum conditions so you should make sure there is no air leakage. You must always consider high quality raw materials to assure your process will last long and be consistent all throughout your process.