How To Maintain An Expansion Valve

When maintain a expansion valve, always remember that it is important to check the newly bought compressor for oil as there are many new as well as rebuilt compressors that come with or without oil.

What is expansion valve? An expansion valve is a piece of device that can reduce pressure in a system. This is commonly used in refrigeration process. There are two most common types of expansion valve, the thermal expansion valve or otherwise known s TMV which is usually used in heating, air conditioning (HVAC) system and ventilation. The other type is the electronic expansion valve. This is becoming more and more popular as the years goes by because of it convenience to use at the same time because it is no longer manually manipulated and can be easily reduce or increase the flow of pressure.

Usually, the most common failure of an expansion valve is due to the charge leak. As a result, the system contaminant lodge in the valve inlet portion of the system may affect the metering as well as the flow capability of the valve. The metering inconsistencies may have distinct characteristics. For instance, a starving expansion valve may result to frost forming on the inlet of the evaporator while flooded expansion valve has a hissing sound on the valve whenever the equipment or the system is shutting down.

expansion valve maintenance

As there are many factors that affects the lifespan, reliability and the versatility of the compressor drive, getting the right materials and replacement with reliable suppliers (refer to expansion valve reviews). Taking good care of the belt alignment and proper tension are the two most critical factors to consider by the installer as well as the end user. This is because when such belt alignment and proper tension are not installed properly it will cause significant damage to the compressor, clutch as well as the other parts of the system that can very well be a question of safety issues and standard. As most clutches fail due to the low voltage which causes slip and thus creating extreme heat which can be very well defined whenever the clutch face is discolored. Or otherwise you may probably see some epoxy from the coil winding as well. In order to know if there is a problem, you can start the vehicle or equipment and turn on all of the accessories therewith. Check the volt meter and the voltage whether such is working within the manufacturer’s specifications. If such voltage is quite all right then there is no problem with the high head pressure.

Always remember that it is important to check the newly bought compressor for oil as there are many new as well as rebuilt compressors that come with or without oil. This is because and inadequate or otherwise excess oil in the system will generally cause loss of performance as well as damages the compressor and the other components and parts thereof.

Make sure that when replacing the expansion valve or any other parts or components thereof, always remember that buying the right and appropriate parts is of paramount importance because it buying a substandard one can cause safety issues which can be a hazardous condition for the workers.