Selection Guide Of An EGR Valve

By considering the factors, be prepared to obtain a fully-compatible and working EGR valve for your car. A properly working EGR contributes a lot to the road performance of a car.

Regardless of the model and brand of car you own, there are times when you will need to replace its EGR valve due to problems such as ringing noises, and excessive black smoke coming from the car's tailpipes. With this, there are a handful of factors that you need to consider to ensure that what you are picking up is a good replacement exhaust gas recirculation valve for your car. Otherwise, you'll just end up rushing to the parts dealer to beat the replacement period over and over again, or you could just junk them on your garage and buy another one.

egr valve selection guide

1. Compatibility

The utmost consideration when buying replacement exhaust gas recirculation valve is its compatibility with your vehicle. If you are clouded by a certain valve's compatibility with your car, ask help from the attendants. They are trained to give their clients knowledge on different exhaust gas recirculation valves regarding their compatibility with a bunch of old and new car models.

2. Nature Of Operation

Exhaust gas recirculation valves are either operated by vacuum or by pressure. Each type has its corresponding effects on the reduction of air that will flow in the primary and secondary diaphragms. This process facilitates the amount of exhaust gas that will be sent back to the intake manifold.

3. Condition Of The Replacement Valve

The car industry has changed a lot since the inception of refurbished car parts including exhaust gas recirculation valves. These valves are taken from other cars that have enjoyed quite considerable road hours before being put to rest on junk shops and second hand car dealerships. If you want to gamble on the valve efficiency with a reduced cost, you can choose refurbished or reconditioned valves. For valves that are more expensive but have longer periods of warranty, you can always go for brand new ones. It all depends on your preference and your budget as well.

4. Price

There are many factors associated with the purchasing price of exhaust gas recirculation valves. Aside from the condition of the valves, the model and the brand of the car where it will be installed is also a contributing factor. Car brands and models that are considered luxury and limited edition cars have exhaust gas recirculation valves that are more expensive than the EGR valve of cars produced in massive numbers.

Another factor associated with its price is the percentage gain of dealers. Car parts dealers have certain price range they can add to different car parts as part of ex-deals with suppliers. Different dealers have various prices due to exclusive dealership rights. Some dealers may only carry one brand of EGRs while other can carry as many brands as their space permit.

By considering these factors, be prepared to obtain a fully-compatible and working EGR valve for your car. A properly working EGR contributes a lot to the road performance of a car. It also plays a vital role to get your vehicle pass required emission tests. With the right exhaust gas recirculation valve installed on your car, reduce nitrous oxide emissions and be a friend of the environment for years to come. You should read a review of EGR valve to understand more about it.