The Many Products that Crane Produces

There are a wide variety of different products that the Crane brand produces. Some of these are used in a variety of different industries.

There are a wide variety of different products that the Crane brand produces. Some of these are used in a variety of different industries. There are really five different areas in which Crane products are manufactured, produced, and used. These areas include aerospace and electronics, engineered materials, merchandising systems, fluid handling, and controls.

The aerospace section of Crane includes a variety of sub companies that are all part of the Crane Company. These include Cabin which is a company that mainly focuses on hydraulic Crane. In addition it focuses on how to add different seating elements to the airplane. Fluid Management for aerospace with Crane includes many different Crane products like valves, pumps, and gauging systems that are necessary on aircrafts. Another interesting area where Crane valves are found is in the landing equipment of planes which is the main purpose of the Landing Systems department under Crane aerospace. The many different hydraulic systems that are used to land are also part of this section of the corporation. There is a Sensing and Utility section as well that works on providing the appropriate gauges to make sure that there is necessary pressure in all areas.

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The electronics area of the Crane Company does not produce any valves. Neither does the engineered materials area. However the merchandising area uses a variety of different products that feature a Crane valve as the  basis for why the products are actually different than others that are available on the market. These can include the wide range of different vending companies that are owned by Crane, all of which have Crane valves working in them. Automatic Products, Dixie-Narco, GPL, National Vendors, Stentorfield, and Streware are all lines that produce a vending Crane machine.

Another of the Crane family of solutions includes the options that are available for the easy transfer of goods and services through a variety of different markets. These companies include CashCode, National Rejectors (NRI), and Telequip. Each of these is known as being part of the best of Crane suppliers to move products and money globally.

The fluid handling sector of the Crane Company is where most of the Crane valves are produced. There are many different lines of these specific Crane components which means that there are different features and ways that Crane can use these valves.

The Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions products feature a variety of different choices for valves under the following labels:  XOMOX, Tufline, Tuflin, XeniTh, Matryx, XRP, Saunders, Resistoflex, ResistoPure, DEPA, ELRO, Revo and PSI. They produce a wide assortment of Crane components which include Crane equipment, Crane repair products, floating Crane products, Crane maintenance products, Crane fittings, and Crane valves.

There are also the wide variety of Crane products that are available as part of the Crane Energy Flow Solutions. This line includes the following brands:  Aloyco, Center Line, Crane, Duo-Chek, Flowseal, Jenkins, Krombach, Noz-Chek, Pacific, Stocham, Triangle, and Uni-Chek. Some of the products that are featured as part of these lines includes the stocking Crane valves, Crane check valve, Crane gate valves, Crane ball valves, Crane hydrant valves, and Crane Stockham valves. There are many other additional Crane products andCrane components that are produced by this line as well. This line supplies valves that are used around the world for a variety of purposes including to move fluids and other substances globally.

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You should also be aware that Crane Company offers a variety of special services which include Crane valve services with Crane Nuclear and ValveWatch as well as Building Services and Utilities. Then there are the special areas of Crane Fluid Systems that feature all of the different available valves and pumps to be able to make sure that fluids are easily moved. This is done under the Delta Fluid Products, Hattersley, Posiflex, Viking Johnson and Wask brands.

There are also a lot of different Crane Supply services that feature how to make sure that Crane products can reach customers around the world. In addition there are a variety of different pumps and services that are offered through the Crane brands of Barnes, Burks, Deming, Crown, Prosser, and Weinman. So you can easily see how shopping for a Crane valve might be confusing since the company operates such a large variety of smaller companies and smaller brands within itself.