The History of Crane

During the 1860’s Crane actually operated under a couple of different names which included Northwest Manufacturing Company and Crane...

The Crane Valve Manufacturer is a company that operates globally by producing a wide range of industrial engineered products. The company is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange making it possible for anyone to own their own piece of Crane. The main thing that Crane Company is known for a variety of different things which include valves and other parts that are essential for moving fluids around the world.

The Crane valves that are sold are perfect for use for a variety of different purposes. These include that there are valves for both industrial and commercial uses. The Crane Company actually makes products for use with generating power, refining petroleum, refining gas, refining oil, commercial construction and the movement of many different types of products. These products are recognized as a leader in industrial value and strength and are used in many places around the globe.

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Since the Crane Company operates on such high values and has been around for so long they are a vital piece of history in the United States and throughout the world. The company was originally founded in Chicago, Illinois and was originally called RT Crane Brass and Bell Foundry. When they first opened their doors the company was known for making specialty casts as well as producing valves and fittings. They quickly became a leader as they were producing things that were needed in a time of industrial expansion in the United States.

During the 1860’s Crane actually operated under a couple of different names which included Northwest Manufacturing Company and Crane

Elevator Company. During this time there were a variety of different things that the company did which included that they made sure that the steam components for railroads were available, started producing steam heat, made hoists, made elevators, and even produced steam engines.

During the 1870’s Crane became a manufacturing leader when they started using machines that were available for multiple purposes. In addition they started using a conveyor system that could move molds and help with making the process of pouring metal into valves and other parts more efficient. The company was actually one of the first companies that used line production in a foundry.

Later in the 1880’s as the Crane Company continued growing they actually acquired and operated four different manufacturing plants which gave jobs to over one thousand and five hundred people. During this time period this was a substantial amount of employees. In addition the company actually branched out and opened various different places around the United States, even moving west. In 1885 the official name Crane Company became the company’s name.

It was during the 1890’s that more innovations, including the first metallurgical lab in the Midwest kept Crane on top of what was going on in the world around them. With a variety of different changes that made the pressures and temperatures too high for fluids that needed to be moved the Crane Company changed their products to be able to have the strength and quality needed.

In 1900 the Crane Company began producing a variety of new products for them which included Crane valves, Crane fittings, and a large assortment of other pieces of Crane equipment. Crane also operated their own steel foundries at this time and continued to work on innovation with the study of different metallurgical sciences. This is one of the things that led to Crane being an industry leader.

The year 1912 held the tragedy of Crane founder RT Crane’s death. When he died he was able to see that the Crane Company was a leader for valve and fitting needs. His son, RT Crane Jr, took over as head of the company after his death. This year also held one of the most important advancements for the Crane Company which was the opening of their first modern factory. It was this year that they actually started to only use electricity for power instead of relying some on steam power. The factory was named The Great Works and took up one hundred and sixty acres in Chicago. Plus since it only used electricity the factory was actually the most advanced and modern factory of the time.

Some advancements during the 1920’s helped the Crane Company to take another turn with the introduction of some unique for the time Crane products. These were actually a special line of Crane accessories that were available for the bathroom. It was not until this time that bathrooms were really in homes. Once Crane made these changes the wealthy wanted to make sure that they had a bathroom that could show off their wealth and status. There were a wide variety of different choices with special fittings and fixtures to make any bathroom a decorative and inspiring place to be.

In 1920 Crane continued moving up in the world and opened a one million dollar showroom in Atlantic City. This showroom featured a wide variety of different Crane products that were available to purchase. Just a short time later, in 1936, Crane was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. A year after that in 1937 The Golden Gate bridge opened and Crane components were featured in a variety of different areas of the bridge.

During the war, in 1942, more Crane valves were produced to meet the huge increase in demand. They actually quadrupled their annual gross of valves because so many valves are used with the US Navy’s ships. It can actually take anywhere from one thousand and five hundred valves to fifteen thousand valves for each ship that is built for the US Navy.

During the 1950’s and after the war Crane continued to go through some major changes as different Crane products were needed more than the Crane valve which had been so important during war years. One such focus became that of different Crane products under the HydroAire label that they had acquired. This meant that their production efforts in many areas focused on special products that were needed for aircrafts.

In an effort to help people better understand many of the Crane components like Crane valves, Crane fittings, and Crane cable two books had been written by the company. The goal in writing these manuals was so that everyone could understand how to use these valuable Crane products properly. These manuals were “Technical Paper 410” (1957) and “Flow of Fluids” (1942). Today these manuals are both offered as software options so they are something that has been modernized with the times.

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Crane manufacturers began to change a lot after the 1959 election of TM Evans as the CEO for the company. This is the time when a lot of effort was put on how the Crane Company could best handle distributions.

Expansion continued throughout the 1960’s. It was during this decade that Crane acquired a number of new companies and labels which included Chapman Valve, Deming Company, Chempump, and Cochrane Corporation. When the Gemini and Apollo space missions were looking for pumps to take to the moon Crane was the company of choice to produce these pumps.

During the 1970’s basic expansion and growth was seen for the company. Crane Company continued to lead in a variety of areas which included fluid control, pollution control, steel production, building product supply, aircraft supply, and aerospace supply. The 1980’s saw a lot of changes with Crane officially leaving the world of plumbing. In 1981 the company actually provided the first set of brakes for a space ship, which they designed for NASA. RS Evans took over as CEO in 1984.

The 1990’s saw continued change for Crane Company which included that a new variety of Crane products became the focus. These products included aerospace, controls, merchandising products and systems, special tools and items for handling the flow of fluids, and a whole variety of different materials that were engineered.

In 2001 Eric C Fast became the CEO and changed strategy for the company to be able to focus more on Crane producing. There were a variety of additional changes after the appointment of the new CEO which included that there was a stronger focus put on the different tools to success which included a stronger development of business model concepts and focus on the customers. In 2005 the company celebrated its one hundred and fiftieth anniversary.

Today Crane Company continues to be an industry leader globally with Crane manufacturers in India and Crane Canada. The company continues to produce a variety of different items like Crane components, Crane accessories, Crane gate valves, Crane ball valves, Crane hydrant valves, and Crane Stockham valves.