The Many Valve Products of ASCO

There are so many different types of valves that are available that ASCO will continue to lead the way in innovation and design while the other valve companies are left catching up to them.

The ASCO Valve Company is one of the largest producers and manufacturers of the ASCO solenoid valve world-wide. The ASCO Company is best known for being an industry leader with ASCO products that are state of the art in their technology and use for controlling the movement of fluids. The company has been around for over one hundred years during which time the ASCO products have become some of the most creative and innovative in the world of valves.

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There are many types of valves that are produced by ASCO. The valves can actually help to control the flow of many different types of materials which include fuel or gasoline, air, different types of gases, oil or petroleum, water, and even steam. In addition there are many sub companies under the ASCO name that each feature their own set of amazing ASCO products like the ASCO Red Hat line which offers a lot of different choices with the solenoid valves. The ASCO RedHat solenoid valves include valves that are the basic two way as well as those that are three way and four way. These are some of the most capable valves for handling different levels of fluid control.

In addition to the ASCO RedHat solenoid valves, there are regular ASCO solenoid valves, ASCO RedHat Next Generation electrically enhanced solenoid valves, ASCO mirco miniature solenoid valves, ASCO process valve automation, ASCO pneumatic valves, ASCO air preparation valves, ASCO air preparation equipment, ASCO fuel products, ASCO gas products, ASCO oil products, ASCO ATEX proportional control valves, ASCO navy solenoid valves, ASCO marine solenoid valves, ASCO navy air operated valves, ASCO marine air operated valves, and a variety of different ASCO products that are were created for nuclear purposes.

However for many one of the best features with an ASCO valve is that you can have the specific ASCO valve that you would like created just for you. ASCO will actually allow the customer to design the valve that they need and then manufacture those specific ASCO valves for them. Some of the systems that use these special ASCO valves include different various condensate drain valves, redundant control systems and more specifically the ASCO 8210 and 8290 actuated globe valve lines.

Plus when you need an ASCO valve now, that is actually easy to acquire as well because it is possible to use the special ASCO today delivery service which means that your product is actually going to be shipped immediately after you have purchased it on the same day. The only stipulation to this rule is that you must have your orders in by three o’clock in the afternoon, Eastern standard time, if you would like for them to qualify. In addition to those that can be shipped the same day, most other items are shipped within five days of the date of purchase.

There are literally millions of places where you can see ASCO products in use each and every day. Plus many different industries use the products. There are those ASCO products that are used in the automotive, packaging, pharmaceutical, nuclear power, medical instrumentation, analytical instrumentation, paper industry, pulp industry, petroleum industry, beverage industry, food industry, and even chemical industry each and every day. There are many different ASCO distributors out there that can help with making all of your ASCO product dreams and needs come true today.

Of course ASCO is most well known for the ASCO solenoid valves that are available. These include a wide variety of different types of solenoid valves and many different products that are available for a variety of different purposes and uses. An ASCO solenoid valve has a special electro-magnetic valve part that uses a core tube, enclosure, core, and coil to maneuver the valve. With the ASCO Red Hat solenoid valves you actually get the largest variety of solenoid valves available with options for two way, three way or four way valve operating.

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There are many different types of ASCO Red Hat valves available and they include the following:

asco pinch valve

In addition to these ASCO Redhat valves there are also a variety of different choices under the ASCO Redhat name that are available with special electronic upgrades. These special valves can come in two way, three way or four way varieties and feature a variety of improvements over the traditional ASCO solenoid valves. These improvements include that the DC and AC pressure ratings are much higher, they do not require as much power so a lower wattage can actually be used, a variety of different voltage ratings to fit every need, special surge protection that is built into the valve, and no AC hum or noise like can be heard with other valves.

When ASCO introduced the ASCO Science line of products there were specific to certain needs as they were micro miniature ASCO solenoid valves. These special valves have three types which include the ASCO general service valves, ASCO isolation valves, and ASCO pinch valves. The ASCO Company also produces a full line of ASCO products which feature valve automation which include three way valves, four way valves, special 8920 valve assembly, ATEX pilot valves, special functional safety solutions, and different linear position indicators.

There is also a full line of ASCO pneumatic valves and ASCO air pressure valves that are produced as ASCO products. These valves include special accessories like filters, lubricators, and regulators that will help with the valve needs over time. Plus there are actuators that are a part of this specific valve line that creates two way, three way, four way, air piloted, and solenoid valves.

When it comes to the fuel industry ASCO has an additional line of products which includes modular gas shut off valves, solenoid valves, and motorized valves. There are also ASCO products that include pressure sensors, pressure switches, and temperature switches. Then you have the 8202 and the 8203 series of proportional valves, special valves that are produced for the navy and marines, special valves that are air operated ASCO solenoid valves, a variety of special nuclear products, specialty products that can be made to fit any need, and even a whole line of engineering products.

So as for product selection the ASCO Company features a full line of ASCO valves that are unlike anything that you could have ever seen before. There are so many different types of valves that are available that ASCO will continue to lead the way in innovation and design while the other valve companies are left catching up to them.