A History of ASCO

ASCO Scientific was introduced in 1983 when ASCO purchased Angar Scientific. Today ASCO Scientific focuses its productions on the ASCO micro miniature solenoid valves

The ASCO Company first opened their doors in 1888 when they started manufacturing and marketing elevator compressor controls and generator controls. It was not until 1910 that ASCO actually become known for making valves. It was at this time that ASCO introduced the ASCO solenoid valves which featured special technology that had just not been seen at this time previously. There was a lot of development and technology research that went into creating these special ASCO valves. 

asco building

During the 1950’s ASCO saw a time period of tremendous growth which actually led to the company moving some of the manufacturing and product assembly overseas. Today there are actually forty two different countries where you can purchase an ASCO valve. 

More advancements in the needs for new ASCO products led to some of the additional product growth that happened during the 1970’s. The tremendous growth during this time period occurred and there were a whole host of new products that were designed to fulfill this increase in demand and need which included manual reset valves, air operated valves, pressure switches, temperature switches, and other new needed applications. 

asco scientific

ASCO Scientific was introduced in 1983 when ASCO purchased Angar Scientific. Today ASCO Scientific focuses its productions on the ASCO micro miniature solenoid valves. In 1985 the ASCO Company was purchased by the Emerson Electrical Company which is located in St. Louis, Missouri. This is one of the Fortune 100 companies which makes ASCO now one of the largest multi million dollar corporations in the world. 

It was in 1988 that the ASCO Joucomatic numatics were introduced as one of the new ASCO products. These were originally manufactured under the Joucomatic name but once the Emerson purchased this European company the two were combined the labeling of this product changed in order to offer the same trust in the valves that comes from the ASCO name.  There continues to be new additions to the ASCO Company family all of the time which include the addition of the ASCO pneumatic valves, special ASCO sensors, ASCO pressure switch, ASCO position indication technology, and ASCO network communications capabilities. 

Today an ASCO valve could potentially be used everywhere that needs to have the flow of a liquid or a gas. Some of the things that ASCO valves control include the flow of water, fuel (gasoline), air, steam, and oil.  So virtually everything can be carried with one of the ASCO solenoid valves. The best part is that an ASCO solenoid is available nearly anywhere in the world that you would like to find one.

There are many reasons why a valve could be needed and thanks to the amazing company that they are ASCO has the perfect valve for any use. The company has worked to have the best products available on the market which include an ASCO valve  that is a simple on and off switch and entire flow systems that are run by the latest computer technology. There are literally thousands of these different products available from the ASCO Company trusted product line.

Plus if you do not have one of the many ASCO valve distributors close to where you live then you could potentially shop from an ASCO valves catalog or more specifically an ASCO solenoid valve catalog.  In these catalogs you get an entire listing of all of the high quality ASCO products and valves which include the ASCO joucomatic, ASCO solenoid valve, ASCO numatics, ASCO red hat valves, and all other items relating to ASCO power. So for someone who is one of the many ASCO contractors looking for the most high quality ASCO equipment an ASCO solenoid valve catalogue is absolutely essential.

In addition to the many valves that ASCO makes there are also many ASCO parts, ASCO valve parts, ASCO valve repair kits, and other pieces of ASCO equipment that can be used in various ways each and every day. The company also operates under a variety of different names today with some of them being ASCO Red Hat, ASCO Scientific, ASCO USA, ASCO Canada, ASCO AU, ASCO China, and ASCO Valves India.